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SS Pleated Sintered Filter Element
Mar 17, 2023
stainless steel sintered filter element

Stainless Steel Pleated Sintered Filter Element generally uses stainless steel woven mesh or stainless steel fiber sintered felt as the main filter material (304, 304L, 316, 316L and other materials)
The sealing surface of the ss pleated sintered filter element is welded by argon arc welding or laser welding process, and the filter layer is formed by multi-pleating process to form a complete filter element structure, 
no leakage, no media shedding phenomenon. 
The pleating always use three to five layers of folding filter screen, high strength, large filtering area, is widely used in all kinds of industrial filtration equipment. .
Stainless steel sintered fibre felt is a kind of porous filter material made of stainless steel fiber sintered below high temperature. 
Stainless steel woven mesh is a kind of stainless steel wire woven by wire mesh weaving machine.
Pleated Sintered Filter Element can be used as melt filter element for high temperature extrusion filtration.

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