Recently, our company produced a batch of high-strength stainless steel cylinder screen, its main structure has the sieve plate, the sieve hole and the sieve seam, many customers are very interested in our cylinder screen. The screen plate is processed with 1mm-2mm stainless steel plate and welded into a cylindrical shape by tig arc welding. The screen plate is fastened with 3-4 copper rings around the plate to improve rigidity. The screen plate and the copper ring are riveted with red copper rivets to make the cylinder screen error less than 0.3mm. Screen hole is often used with hole type smooth surface screen plate, there are straight hole and cone hole, screen hole shape, size, arrangement and pulp type, fiber average length, pulp concentration and screening process are closely related;The width of screen seam is 0.2mm-1mm, the spacing is about 3mm, and the slit rate is mostly 7%-8%.We produce stainless steel cylinder screen screening efficiency, screen pulp is not easy to block, pulp quality is good, and not easy to damage. The cylinder screen is made of stainless steel, and the fine sieve seam can greatly improve the removal rate of impurities in the fine pulp.

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